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Above, you can see an aerial shot of our “Block D” cultivation and processing site at Dube Tradeport’s AgriZone complex. It’s 40 000 m2 of secure, temperature-regulated and humidity-controlled greenhouse under glass, with refrigerated pack houses, laboratories and offices. It’s the most eco-friendly and high-tech facility in Africa—and it’s where we’re ramping up R&D of high-CBD medicinal cannabis.

Although medical cannabis is our newest and largest focus, House of Hemp started as an importer and reseller of hemp products, which remains a key element of our business:

About House of Hemp

House of Hemp was founded—and continues to be directed—by a woman we aren’t afraid to call a visionary. She is a leader in the developing cannabis and hemp industries in South Africa. Her knowledge, experience and high-level government connections span decades of research and development.

Her name is Dr. Thandeka Ruth Kunene. For several years, Dr. Kunene worked for UNIDO and the Commonwealth Secretariat, served as a member of the Advisory Board at Global Hemp Group, Inc, and was instrumental in creating two of the industry’s most important industry groups: the National Hemp Foundation and the Global Natural Fibre Forum. But she was equally driven to promote entrepreneurship among black women, along with alleviating poverty and environmental damage through the use of natural fibers. Her main focus was hemp, because of its incredible versatility.

In 1998 she combined these two visions, founding House of Hemp in Johannesburg.

House of Hemp is now a member of the National Hemp Foundation (NHF), and has served as the convener of the NHF’s Human Resource Development Group (in the first phase). We’re currently the coordinator of the NHF’s Private Sector Working Group.

Licensed to cultivate and process hemp & cannabis

In 2010, we became the first private company to be awarded an exclusive permit from the Departments of Agriculture and Health to legally cultivate and process hemp in South Africa. Because we wanted to reliably expand into the budding industrial market (pun intended), we sought an exclusive permit from the Departments of Agriculture and Health to not only import hemp, but also to legally cultivate and process it in South Africa. In 2010, we became the first private company to be awarded such a permit.


As well as supplying hemp fibres and oils, we also research and supply by-products like tow, biomass, dust, and seedcake. These have enormous promise as sustainable replacement materials in all kinds of industries globally.

Medical cannabis research

In 2015, in partnership with the South African Departments of Agriculture and Health, the University of the Free State, and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), we began conducting research into medical Cannabis. Our focus is on CBD strains, which we cultivate and process at Dube Agrizone in our 40 000 m2 of greenhouse space.

The medical potential here is extremely exciting, and we’re privileged to be on the leading edge of this growing movement (pun intended again).

Partnership with AfriAg & LGC

On July 18, 2017, House of Hemp sold a 60% interest to Canadian venture capital firm LGC, and its strategic partner in Africa, AfriAg. With the additional resources of this partnership, we’ll be focusing on increasing our growing footprint at Dube, so as to produce export-quantities of high-grade medical cannabis.


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