Hemp production is the pillar to reducing global warming and creating a more sustainable world. Hemp products are cheaper to produce, can be recycled, reused and are 100% biodegradable.

With the potential for more than an estimated 25 000 products in nine submarkets, hemp thrives in most environments, offers no soil depletion, is naturally resistant to most pests and with deep tap roots doesn’t require agricultural irrigation.

Its economic potential as a clean and renewable energy source is as yet untapped.


The potential for job creation in South Africa aligned within the whole value chain of the hemp and Cannabis plant production industry is estimated at 500 000 jobs across a variety of industries and downstream beneficiation.

Together with the Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) which protects the knowledge and heritage rights of traditional healers in South Africa, hemp production offers the opportunity for every farmer to benefit from the production of pharmaceutical grade hemp within a controlled and standardised environment.

These include medicines, foods, cosmetics, textiles, housing, animal feeds, and fuels together with the upliftment of the rural community farming industry in South Africa.


The cultivation of hemp in South Africa has the ability for profound knowledge sharing which can move previously subsistence farmers towards commercially viable farming techniques. With the sharing of knowledge, agriculture will benefit from the rotation of crops and earn more per hectare by farming a sustainable commodity to benefit and empower entire communities.

Partnerships will underpin the growth of the industry, based on education, extraction methods, consumption and dosage in the development of products for both local industry and global exports.


Through education, training and knowledge sharing administered via our public-private-partnership program AfriCanna Inc, House of Hemp is committed to ensuring South Africa’s indigenous knowledge and historical wisdom will be retained and developed to provide opportunities for services and products across its innumerable industries, for the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities and the economic development of South Africa on the global economic market.

House of Hemp will be hosting a number of workshops across the country which will focus on farming opportunities, entrepreneurial initiatives, job creation as well as further training and education required within the cannabis industry in South Africa. AfriCanna Inc stands for Indigenous African Cannabis Incubation which is delivered in partnership with the African Innovation Initiative (AII).

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