Medical Cannabis

Awarded the first license for commercial production of medical Cannabis by the South African Government in March 2019, the industry, led by House of Hemp, is set to deliver a minimum of 500 000 jobs in the next 3 years. This will directly impact and build community capabilities. The dawn of this new industry will unite and uplift all South Africans as a country that is set to become the global leader in cannabis production.


House of Hemp’s state-of-the-art 3-hectare greenhouse situated at the Dube Trade Port’s AgriZone precinct in Durban, is Africa’s first integrated perishables supply chain. It is the most technologically advanced future-farming platform and hosts the largest climate-controlled growing area under glass on the continent.

In addition to glass greenhouses, Dube AgriZone has dedicated post-harvest sorting, packing, and distribution facilities drawing produce from the site and from producers outside the site. It also has an indigenous plants nursery and state-of-the-art plant tissue culture laboratory that provides young plants to the agribusiness sector locally and internationally. Located near the King Shaka International airport, with high levels of security, it is ideally positioned for House of Hemp’s medical Cannabis operations.


A high security site comprising refrigerated pack houses, laboratories and offices covering 1,760m2, House of Hemp’s “Block D” cultivation and processing site at Dube Trade port’s AgriZone complex is where research, development and commercialisation of high-CBD medicinal grade cannabis takes place. As regulations allow, combined THC-CBD medical grade cannabis will be introduced.


With the second largest growing facility in the world, Cape Town-based Afriplex, is a well-established beneficiator of indigenous plants, and together with House of Hemp cultivates and processes high-CBD medicinal grade cannabis.