Our Story

House of Hemp is a proudly South African, black woman-led company that found its roots in the singular vision of Dr Thandeka R. Kunene.

Through tireless campaigning, expert medical and industrial research and investment in indigenous knowledge, House of Hemp today has accumulated over 27 years of experience in the agriculture and production of Cannabis (Hemp). House of Hemp is leading a sustainable industry in South Africa that includes fibre, seed oil and Cannabidiol (CBD) medicines.

In 2010, House of Hemp became the first private company to be awarded an exclusive permit from the Departments of Agriculture and Health to legally cultivate and process hemp in South Africa for research purposes.
From its extensive tap root system of knowledge, passion and people, House of Hemp was also awarded the first medical Cannabis license for the commercial production of medical Cannabis in South Africa in March 2019.

Committed to the creation of a fully inclusive industry which benefits disadvantaged communities, House of Hemp guarantees access, safety and efficacy in the commercialization of Cannabis.

House of Hemp & Cannabis in South Africa